Cloud Computing


Although the very definition of “cloud computing” is highly debated, there is no doubt that it is the preferred hosting and deployment option of the near future. Companies who deploy their applications and services through a virtualized environment on commoditized hardware can offer their customers far more flexibility than those who continue to deploy location-dependent products.


But does it make sense to move your product to a cloud model? If so, how will you migrate an existing application with proprietary components to more cloud-friendly application servers, databases and hardware? Furthermore, what steps are required to build a new product on a cloud model?

Our Offering

Through our extensive work with pioneering cloud vendors, GlobalLogic has hands-on experience with cloud-enabled applications and services. We offer a complete range of services to make your existing software products cloud-ready or to help you build a cloud-friendly product from the ground-up. Whether you need a simple assessment or full software product development services, GlobalLogic is here to help you take advantage of the cloud model.

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At Orane, we know that our commitment to our customers, stakeholders and employees is important to maintain our good repute and future company growth.

What sets us apart

Orane Inc comprehends that our customers need lot more than a partner that helps them become more efficient, more profitable and more effective at all times. In current ever changing IT Software world, every new technology is old in few days, there is something new about that technology every day. We keep our team well equipped with latest technology trend to ensure that client requirements are met with most proficient way and highly qualitative manner. We always remain available to our customer for all challenges client come across in making their dream true. Ask for our portfolio based on your needs.